Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Top 2

I have cranked out several light weight cotton summer tops (but I'm still sweating, dios mio, que calor hace). I'm still cranking, and still obsessed with Japanese Sewing Books. This is fromTunic Tunic, which I found on Etsy at Pomadour24's shop. The link will take you there. The books are all written in Japanese, but if you have some sewing experience, you shouldn't have any problem. The pictures are quite good and the garments simple enough so that they almost sew themselves. If you do have problems, though, check out Label Free for some guidance and inspiration. This is the second top I've made and I've got another on the cutting table. Don't hold your breath, though...I always have more on the cutting table than I can comfortably sew in a reasonable amount of time. It's like reading 4 books at once. Is there a problem?

The fabric is a lightweight cotton with just a tiny hint of metallic thread strategically placed throughout. I found it at Gail K in Atlanta when I popped in a few weeks ago. What a fun store, just prepare to spend hours! And hours. At one point, the clerk really did say to me, "Are you still here?"

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