Friday, August 19, 2011

The Beginning

Hello, world! My name is Deane, I live in Asheville, NC and I am recently obsessed with sewing. Like a good Home Ec teacher, my mom taught me to sew when I was 12 or 13. I remember that first dress I made and deigned to wear...a blue polyester knit print with a ruffled edge hem and hardly long enough to cover the important bits. I didn't wear it much. Polyester was so wrong for so many reasons, but in Houston, where I grew up and where polyester tends to stick to ALL the bits, it should have been banned as a "fashion" fabric. Mom wasn't one to splurge on fabric. Nowadays, though, I am quite the opposite. I love a good Liberty lawn, a drapey linen or a gorgeous silk. Not that I actually cut into some of my fabric splurges that often. You see, I still have the problem of not wearing my creations that much. Sometimes it's the fit. Sometimes the wrong fabric choice for the pattern. Sometimes it's the mistakes. But here is what I've begun to celebrate. Since I rediscovered sewing about a year ago, since I've been on this obsessive tear to make things, a lot of things, I've realized that as with most things, it gets easier and more successful with practice. And with each success, I get excited to try new things and take new risks. And since I don't have a picture of that first tarty dress from eighth grade, I've decided to start this blog so I can chronicle my creations and see progress. That way, I stay excited!

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